Innovative Medical Device

We have used innovative approaches to reach a high level of safety in medical practice.

Next-generation medical device for preventing injection errors

We have changed the level of safety for high-risk injection ports. InSafejection™ is an innovative device that prevents unintentional/wrong route intra-arterial, intra-epidural injection, and it also aware medical practitioners of unauthorized injection in patients with a substance abuse history or suicidal tendencies.

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Medical practitioners are always concerned about their patients’ health and we all know that just a moment of distraction may change our patient’s life and it even can ruin our life too. As we work as healthcare professionals, we understand your concerns and we carefully analyze them to find the solutions. We are working assiduously to promote a higher level of safety for you and your patients.

If you are an anesthesiologist who concerns about unintentional intra-arterial injection and accidental intra-epidural injection …

We offer to trust our device to reach a high level of safety in your practice. With our flagship product, you have more focus on another aspect of your demanding job. You can trust technology to eliminate human error regarding wrong route injection.

If you are a nurse or physician who worries about patients’ suicide in your department …

You can simplify your daily routines by using our product. You don’t need to constantly take care of your patients’ lines. If you are worried about your patients with a substance abuse history or suicidal tendencies, you can use insafejetion and be sure that you will be informed about unauthorized injection by your patients.


We strongly believe that both patients’ and clinicians’ safety are essential rights and accordingly we are working assiduously to reach this goal.

We don’t use them for the rest of our practice; we try to make a new method, improve or modify the older device or even invent a new one


InSafejection is a new device for the first time in the world that aware healthcare professionals for preventing drug injection error

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